About the Andromeda Exchange

Andromeda Exchange is the first platform built for the safety of crypto investors, by the unique insurance system,
making every investor feel safe when investing.

Andromeda Exchange platform aims to provide insurance for crypto investors around the world, as well as education on how to avoid scams.

We understand that there are many new investors in the space, we want all of them to feel comfortable and for that, we plan to develop our platform to be easy-to-use even for less experienced investors.

On our platform, you will be able to find the safest projects, educational panels, token generator as well as more complex tutorials on how to develop your own token.

Andromeda Insurance

More than $7.7 billion has been scammed off of crypto platforms. Andromeda Insurance aims to tackle that and keep cryptocurrency a safer space to invest.

Developers KYC/Contract

A customised listing contract will ensure that for every token listed on the Andromeda Exchange, its developer will take responsibility for every malicious action towards investors using the Andromeda platform. Token CEO needs to complete KYC on our platform with at least one core team member, this will also reassure us and future investors about developers intentions.

Insurance Pool

Every token listed on Andromeda Exchange will have its own insurance pool, which will grow in correlation with the token's daily volume. Andromeda Exchange allocates 50% of the listing fees into the insurance pool which will be used to refund investors up to 100% of their initial investment made within the platform in case of the unlikely event of the token being a scam. Also, part of "stable coins" trading fees will be used for the global insurance pool to boost the refund rates. Andromeda Token holders will receive an additional % of refund based on the holding tier. You can find out more about the insurance pool in our whitepaper.

Documents, Terms & Conditions

Andromeda Exchange ICO Launchpad's Terms of service are rules by which one
must agree to abide in order to use Andromeda Exchange's services.



A comprehensive report that informs investors concisely about Andromeda Exchange, its mechanism, and the use case of the $ADRT token.

Educational Panel

Educational Panel aims to educate users about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Andromeda Exchange is represented by Andromeda Token ($ADRT), which is the native currency for the platform.
Below you can find more information about the token and ICO funds allocation:



Token Name: Andromeda Token

Symbol: ADRT

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Initial value (0.55 USD per token ): 6 USD

Max Supply: 50 000 000

Total Supply: ~25 000 000

Contract Address: --------------

First ICO Round : 1 ADRT = 0.55 USD


Implementation Sheet

Below is the plan to reach ANDROMEDA network success. Find all key date and events on our roadmap:

Q2 2020
Q3 2020
Q4 2020
Q1 2021

Video Tutorials

This video will walk you through how to purchase $ADRT via our ICO Launchpad and basic troubleshooting. The content includes how to purchase Andromeda Token, Troubleshooting, How to contact support.



Below you can see most of the Andromeda team members who are willing to show their ID
to the public however, there are more people behind the scenes who are working
nights and days for project success.

Head of Graphic design
Kyriakos Koutsourelis
Advisory Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below the list of frequently asked questions before creating
any support ticket, this will help us improve the support system.

Yes, it is possible to make a direct deposit. For visualized instruction, please take a look at our video (link).
We are unable to tell the exact dates of the listing because of NDA, we will share all information as soon as we are able to.
Tokens bought on ICO are safely stored on your Launchpad account, you can take a tour to our educational panel to learn how to create an external wallet HERE
Simply navigate to https://www.andromeda-exchange.org/affiliate all necessary pieces of information are visible there
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